Welcome to the IAOTH , I am Christopher and am the dedicated Care Manager for all the therapists and am available through the for you personally.  If you wish to schedule a call via the phone, to talk through any aspect of the platform and best practise advice etc then please just email me and we will set that up,

The Profile Tab : I wanted to give you some extra advice about how you can best use the profile tab. If you click on the profile tab a  drop down menu appears with 2 extra tabs marked qualifications and another marked articles.


The Qualifications Tab when clicked brings up a fill in box function on the main screen which says "Accredited Courses", here you may list any qualifications you may have or any courses you have taken, just click on the Add Qualification button and a drop down box will open for you to fill in.  If you do not fill this in then it can just be left blank and it will not show that there is anything missing on the profile page.


The Articles Tab is there if you wish to write an article about anything that is of interest or relevance to what you do, if you leave this blank it is fine as it will not show on the front page if it is empty.

Fill in your details in the
Apply for a Certificate Tab and the request  is automatically emailed to us. We physically check each application and this is done on a Friday during European office hours and then we send you your certificate in pdf format. 

There are logos available to download in the Downloads Tab for your advertising or for using on certificates etc. We are adding other colours from time to time, so check back to see if there is a preferred colour for you.

Kindest regards and welcome once again


CEO the International Association of Therapists