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Sharon Lawson is a Quantum Touch Practitioner and Level 1 Instructor, Reiki Master, aswell as many other healing modalities. Sharon is the founder of You Deserve Better and has developed the Original Blueprint process through years of intensive research and therapy practice to offer you processes which create an optimal foundation from which everything else springs from.

The word optimum in biology is often used to denote a condition that is favourable or best for a particular living entity and that’s exactly what Sharon’s work is dedicated to, helping you live the life you deserve: a wonderful one.. optimal to you.

Sharon’s therapy system is unique in the way it combines energy work, sound healing, subconscious re-programming and spiritual techniques to get accelerated results.

The YDB approach is a very direct approach to healing.

Over the last 9 years Sharon has intensively researched and continues to constantly search out the most cutting edge information available in health, psychology, neuroscience, spirituality and science to help inform her work.

There is a growing body of information available which points in a similar direction regarding prevention and recovery for many chronic conditions / diseases. However, the solutions being offered even by those on the cutting edge of understanding, are still lifestyle and dietary changes, supplements etc – which most people cannot sustain and so never gain or retain long-term health.

Where YDB is different is the methods used to get you back onto the path of health, wellbeing and success. This is because Sharon’s abilities and spiritual understanding are able to access both information and tools that most practitioners do not have access to. Her methods are both simple and powerful at the same time.

Sharon believes in the direct path. Having recovered from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome herself, she knows the anguish of trying lots of different therapies; only to be disappointed – and although the therapies may have helped and often felt nice, they ultimately lead to disappointment that they didn’t lead to significant, long-lasting improvements. Hence once Sharon began her coaching and healing career, she sought out and trained in therapies that seemed to offer the most painless and quickest ways to help others to heal and she has synthesised all her knowledge and therapeutic experience into the YDB processes.

No medication or supplements, change of diet (even for digestive disorders), change of lifestyle, exercise…Just commitment, trust, honest communication, open to new ways of thinking.

Since recovering from M.E/ CFS in 2011, Sharon has dedicated the last 9 years researching the mind, body, spirit connection and has developed a deep bond with the spiritual world that allows her unique access to the energetic information field, the subconscious mind and higher guidance in order to find the core of any issue to aid her clients back to optimal physical, mental and emotional well being aswell as bringing clarity of purpose and direction to their work and lives.

Sharon’s has a unique connection with the truth of life. From a young age Sharon realised that she can hear the truth even when it’s not being offered. She has a special ability to know when and where the truth is hidden and she is able to bring it into conscious awareness with compassion and in a way that it is healing.

She created the Original Blueprint Process to act as a fast-track to releasing the trauma of the human experience that we all share and to re-connect back into the matrix of life so that you can fulfill your purpose with greater ease, grace, clarity and connection. It acts as a soul re-set.

Whatever you’re struggling with, get in touch and talk to Sharon and see how she can help.

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