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Claire E Braddock, HPS


Transpersonal Therapy with Empowerment Counseling and Spiritual Education
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Crystal Vibration Therapy: A blending of the ancient art of Laying on Stones, Crystal Grids, and Kundalini Reiki.

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71 Pl Montrose CO 81401 USA, Colorado, Colorado, United States


Mob: 970-433-0373


38.4647702, -107.86914710000002

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2019 Accredited Diploma Course
2009 Accredited Colorado State CEU Course
2003 Accredited Colorado State CEU Course
2001 Accredited Colorado State CEU Course
2012 Global Psychic Solutions
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  • In March of 2012, Claire E Braddock was honored to be featured on the front cover of Maximillion de Lafayette’s book – America’s & World’s Best Psychics & Healers Who Care Most About You. Excerpts from book: pg. 78-80 [As a Psychic] “Claire’s work consists of all psychic senses and includes 3 major abilities: clairvoyance, […]

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