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A membership collective devoted to honouring the feminine arts through exploration of our intuitive feminine gifts, our connection to the Earth, our feminine wisdom and so much more. We will delve into the archetypes, our innate divinity, astrology, crystal and angelic guidance. 

With your membership you will have access to our collective with exclusive video content, feminine embodiment classes that will get your body moving and allow you to connect deeply with her. You will receive Maiden Earth Oil DIYs, you will have access to the feminine bibliophile reading list and discussion forum and so much more.

Monthly members will have the option to complete course content eligible for certification with Maiden Earth Collective accreditation through the IAOTH, for your personal and professional development.

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08:00 am to 06:00 pm
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08:00 am to 06:00 pm
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08:00 am to 06:00 pm
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41 Holmwood Ave ON K1S 2P1, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada


Mob: 1-613-808-8939


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You will explore the meaning and gnosis surrounding esoteric symbols of the divine feminine.
The Nine Pillars, are the illuminated teachings of the Cathedra Chalice Codes, the divine gnosis of the esoteric mysteries of priestesses of the ancient womb religions. The channeled teachings of Goddess Isis, Inanna, Mother Mary, Mary Magdalene, Lady Venus and the Women of Avalon. We alchemize their guidance and initiate into their lineages as protectors of Mama Gaia Sophia & the Rites of the Womb. The key codes to your initiation are within you.
Radiant Wisdom is a devotional movement practice incorporating dance, sensual movement and meditation to awaken Shakti, your innate life force energy. Accessing your Radiant Wisdom ignites a life that is fully embodied. This course is an immersion into Radiant Wisdom devotional movement practice where you will awaken your innate divine creative force for raising your consciousness.
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