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The classes at The Natural Healing and Wellness Collaborative have been created to give participants a thorough understanding of natural health applications as they pertain to everyday life. Participants come away with the ability to be a catalyst for empowering others to explore natural health options. Our mission is to empower others to learn, love and lead by becoming familiar and confident in the application of natural health modalities. With over 50 years of combined experience in both traditional and modern healthcare our teachers and founders bring everyday applicable healing theories to life with their multi faceted approach to learning.

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  • Reflexology Johnson, Felicia Jul 17 2020
    Reflexology Certificate for Felicia Johnson
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    Reflexology Certificate for Daniel Lim
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  • Reiki Okuden Jul 17 2020
    Reiki Okuden Certificate for Gabriela Perez
  • Reiki Okuden Davissen , Talina Jul 17 2020
    Reiki Okuden certification
  • Chakra Tuning Fork Certification Burkett, Patti Jul 06 2020
    Chakra Turning Fork Certification Class
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    Chakra Tuning Fork Certification
This course is designed for the student to become proficient in herbal healing through the study of herbal applications. This class meets 2 times per week, once for theory and in depth study of herbs, their uses, and applications and once for labs that will encompass everything from hands on learning experiences to help increase retainment of theory to creating remedies using herbs and herbal gardening and wildcrafting. The goal of this class is to encourage self sufficiency in the areas of health and wellness as well as prepare students to work with others that are seeking healthier lifestyle.
In this 15 week class students will learn the history of reflexology, how to assess a person's foot health and all the reflex points of the feet through hands on application of the theory and practice of reflexology. Students will learn how to keep records of reflexology sessions and how to interact with the client during a session. Case studies and client interaction will be required for certification in this class.
This class will cover the basics of natural health and healing. Everything from ear candling to foot detoxes and herbs to homeopathics. Students will learn everything they need to know to take care of minor illnesses and injuries for their friends and family. This is a great place to start if you are just beginning to explore the world of natural health and wellness. This class will be divided into 5 modules that can be taken individually or as a complete class.
In the class we will learn the basics of the anatomy of the human body as it pertains to natural health and energy healing.
Certification for the Traditional Reiki First Degree Shoden practice for entry level studies in the healing art of Reiki
This is the certification class for the professiona practice of REiki 2nd Degree of Usui Reiki,
Certification class for the Master level of tradiitonal Usui Reiki
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