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From Innerstanding To Aundance
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Unfavorable life experiences fueled my desires to find my higher purpose and leave “Workforce Prison”.  I didn’t know the transformational journey ahead. Today, I’m  an Author, Lightworker Life Coach and Entrepreneur. Abundance and Wealth Building through spiritual, physical and metaphysical modalities brand my coaching. I have certifications and practitioner status in  Reiki-Levels 1-4, Crystal Healing, and  Chakra Healing. I’m a gateway to the angelic realm through Angel Tarot readings and Angel Light Hypnosis, as well as a Crystalline Lightworker. I passionately inspire and motivates others to discover their best versions within.   My unwavering faith in Source Energy’s provision is my success catalyst with my clients, customers and all of my endeavors. Namaste.

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, Tampa, FL, United States


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Working with the crystal gird of earth, the crystal kingdom and the crystalline energy structure of the body, to lift the frequency and support healing in humanity.
Using the Crystals and Crystal Fairy Cards to support healing and for prophecy, make a deeper connection with them in daily life, create fairy circles, fairy crystal grids, give card readings.
Utilizing traditional Usui Reiki for healing mental, emotional, physical and spiritual health and well-being.
Helping people make progress in their lives to attain greater fulfillment by clarifying goals, identify obstacles , and create strategies for overcoming each obstacle
Communicating with the Angels through hypnosis to assist people with moving past emotional issues, helping with changing their reality and meeting their angelic guides.
Utilizing the Chakras for well-being and healing of the body.
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