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Greetings! My name is Jonathan Hernandez, Founder of Shamans Wheel. I’m a Shaman practitioner located in Atlanta, GA. I’m a certified Natural medicine practitioner, Meditation coach, holistic Herbalist & certified in Holistic pain management. I’ve created and studied herbal medicine for 3 years and meditation for 5. I dedicated my life to healing others after a Traumatic & rough curve in my life. Realizing that it was much deeper then medical diagnoses, I went back to my original roots in spirituality. There I found something more precious than any materialistic thing you can have….. {Myself}, and In a meditation is where I heard my calling. I did not wait, I searched and found my teacher and my Shamanic journey began. Knowing my purpose I will do my best to heal the masses but first I will start in Atlanta. The goal is to reach out to the Communities & Schools, teach and show them how to raise their vibrations, so that the person next to them can raise theirs and it will be an on going cycle of healing. I bring knowledge of the ancient Inca indian tradition to the city to help guide, cleanse & heal with Chakra illumination. Lets come together and rejoice in front of a fire and thank our ancestors for showing us and giving us the tools we need to succeed. Let go of the negative emotions & let go of the pass that no longer serve us & walk tall knowing your true purpose.

“In stillness we are one”

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