Joanne Kolodziej

Ground-Surround-Ask Spiritual Intuitive and Healing

Moving forward emotionally with spiritual and healing tools
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Grounding is cutting cords, imagining growing new ones and moving energy from the past that no longer serves. Surround is about the tools to help us create the life that we desire while learning how to protect ourselves from negativity. Ask is about reaching out to our Angels and Ascended Masters to help learn our lessons and move forward for our highest and greatest good. Angelic help is available if only we ask. Spiritual Intuitive and Healing sessions is about connecting with the Angelic Realm or Akashic Records to clear blockages and receive a healing with the highest spiritual tools and protection. Chakra Balancing, Energy Unblocking, Spirit Lifter, Mind/Body Balancer and Seal of Solomon sessions used with crystals and stones. Master level Reiki and Mult. Dimensional Advanced Reiki with unplugging cords and clearing chakras to bring healing to the emotional, physical, mental and spiritual levels. Most services can be done in person or remotely. Please check website for information and pricing. I look forward to working with everyone and helping  to move forward in a healing and healthy way.

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09:00 am to 06:00 pm
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Tel: 413-442-1255


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