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Welcome! My name is Jeannie. I have been studying magick and holistic therapies since the mid-1990’s. I am certified in several areas of practice. Even after decades of study I continue to take courses and study independently to further my knowledge and practice. You only stop growing when you think there’s nothing left to learn.

In addition to my practice, I am Wife to my amazing husband, Mommy to two awesome offspring (daughter born 1996 and son born 2015), and NaNa to my wonderful grandson (also born 2015).

Our son was diagnosed with autism in 2017 so he and I have a full schedule of therapies for him in addition to regular everyday life and my work in my practice. I am also on the spectrum so I have a unique advantage over other parents in that I have personal firsthand knowledge of what it is like to be an autistic child.

My favorite color is pink. I love to bake and have a collection of vintage Pyrex and Correlle dishes. I am a big history buff making frequent use of our PBS Passport membership.

I thoroughly enjoy creating items and providing services that assist in bringing joy and fulfillment to the lives of others and I look forward to helping you.



Certified Holistic Health Practitioner
Certified Metaphysical Practitioner

Crystal Therapist
Crystal Healing Practitioner
Advanced Crystal Healing Practitioner
Sound Therapy Practitioner
Flower Essences Practitioner
Sacred Geometry Practitioner
Radiesthesia Practitioner

Specialty Diplomas
Crystal Grids
Crystal Infusion of Aromatherapy Preparations

Professional Memberships
International Association of Therapists
Accreditation and Certification Council of Holistic Healers
World Metaphysical Association

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, Baltimore, United States

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