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Divine Rose Priestess Temple

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Welcome Beloved to Divine Rose Priestess Temple:

We are so glad to meet you; we are here together to co-create an amazing life here on our planet.  In order for us all to understand what that means, we would need to surrender to a higher purpose. 

Have you often wondered what is your Purpose?  Have you been wandering unknown with your state of mind in a constant fog?  Well, we have also been down that same path.  

Once you know your truest Purpose, you will understand that this Purpose has to align with your passions, your desires, your higher self; your mind, body & soul deep within.  It is a God Spark.  You are the only one who can truly grasp, and validate your purpose here on this planet.  No one else can decide for you your highest, and best good; only you.  If you’re working against your inner spirit; and your soul, you’re probably working against your purpose, and against what your soul has been longing to do, and that is to evolve.

We have come to realize that our purpose was to help others reach a higher spiritual level of their own inner beingness. The only way one can understand this is with searching for the truth, learning to tap into your own self – awareness. When you’re able to let go of all that no longer serves your highest good; that means, people, places, circumstances, and things; you’ll open the portals of energy that your soul longs to align with.   Filtering through the dense energies around you, and within you; you will realize, unconditional love, forgiveness; and begin to accept the beautiful being of your true, and highest self, and know that  you are an amazing being in this game called life.   Born a King, and a Queen, you have the Power to Change, to Reprogram, and to Execute all your Desires.

As we know that Mother Nature teaches us that all things are birthed anew after the death of the Old.  Old meaning, a habit, a thought, or even a spirit.  Women create life, and through this rebirth cycle the divine feminine emerges giving birth to new expressions of life, and divine love by way of creation,  love, intuition, forgiveness, harmony and beauty.

This energy, the forgotten Sacred Feminine Energy has been pushed aside to pursue earthly values; and some not well serving the human soul; this has been part of our history since the Roman Empire, and far too long by our society, world cultures, in production; and the distorted path to joy, and peace; which can turn into self-disappointment in the end.  If you believe that the materials in this life gives you pure happiness, it’s an old belief or practice.  The divine masculine energy can only go so far without its divine goddess.  There must be balance between the two divine energies.  The qualities of the divine feminine are the ones missing in our lives these days; that connection is necessary to our survival.  We all need to connect to that aspect of ourselves, to bring out the shadows we encounter every single day; and to tap into the energies of compassion, kindness, and empathy. 

In order to return to this beauty of spiritual wholeness within our beingness, there needs to be a return to our true spiritual balance by feeling your feelings and emotions in order to unlock the full potential of your whole and complete self.  We must face our emotions head on.  Most of us are afraid of these emotions.  It’s time to embrace the unique nurturing qualities of the heart; your Spiritual Heart.  Through honoring your divine feminine you can fully realign and bring back into balance your complete Divine Self; your True Self; not the false self; and not your Egoic Self.

 Our recommendation is to look for the lessons in each, and every challenge, and don’t give up.   We have the greatest intention to share the beauty of love, and light from our hearts, and souls to the world.    If you’re a believer in any type of holy religion, this may not resonate with you; however, we assure you that the Amazing glory, and the divine light exists in all of us no matter how it may look from the outside.  We are a beacon; made in the image of our Highest Creator; and our Divine Purpose is to evolve; to learn; to change ourselves, and inspire others to do the same.  We can all  teach others, so  we may collectively heal, and transcend into our next spiritual chapter. 

We have attended an advanced therapeutic massage college for these following practices; and also taken special instructions, and coaching from the most reputable leaders in the world whom take pride in teaching and coaching their own Spiritual tribe in these Divine practices that we truly believe has given us the utmost hope in our human existence to achieve wholeness in our divine beingness.

These are our Divine Spiritual Beliefs, and Higher Spiritual Healing Practices:

Spiritual Guide & Angel Healing Priestess. Studied Advanced Eastern Healing Modalities & Practices including Advanced Therapeutic Massage, Aromatherapy; Shiatzu Energy Alignment; and Mindfulness Meditation at Bryan College in Gold River, CA.  Studied Shamanic Healing; Herbalism; Channeling of Divine Feminine Energy and Light; Archangel Energy Healing and Spiritual Healing by Tania Magdalene; Prayer Goddess; Chakra Energy Alignment; Usui Reiki Ryoho Master/Teacher attuned by Reiki Master Lisa Powers; A Spiritual Sister of the Global Mary Magdalene Sisterhood, & Initiated Priestess of the Isis Temple of Soul Healer, Melissa Habibi; Mhz Frequency Healing; Divine Spiritual Oracle Card Reader; Sage Goddess; Sound Bathing with Pure Crystal Sounding Bowls; Shamanic Feather Healing; Energy Artists, and Spiritual Energy Writer.

Please feel free to step into a higher plane of existence; and embrace those emotions you fear each day; the only way to overcome any challenge is to face it; give it attention; feel it (no matter how uncomfortable it may seem); and appreciate the messages.  Beloved, may your spirit always know that it is on a journey of great beauty, benevolence, and light.  Now is the time to Awaken to your Higher Self.  Today is the Best Day Ever, live it like it is your Last.

continued… below…

IRemember Your Roots

Knowing that our Mother Earth is Sacred, and she is living and breathing right under us; should change how you feel about your surroundings.  Make it a great day, every single day, and you will see how your future begins to transform into the life you’ve always dreamed of.  This is the life of Abundance, Prosperity, and Light.You may email us at ProsperityAngelllc@gmail.com with any questions you may have regarding your spiritual journey.  You deserve to understand what that means.  We would love to share how it has been; and how you can begin to develop the inner path to enlightenment, peace and Divine Love.  You deserve to step up onto the platform of Your Purpose to ignite your heart’s inner Divine Flame; to help you transform those dense energies, and transcend into an enlightened level into the high angelic dimensions of beauty, and light.  We can show you how to let go of your energy blockages; open your heart and mind into your own personal spiritual alignment to make room for Love.

Mantras:  Brings in the sacred sanskrit energy that has been with us for ages; the ancients believed in the beauty, and the power of the energies that come into our beingness when practiced with consistency; and with powerful intention will change your presence; and your mind/body/and spirit.   Here are a couple I believe you will love.

“Ahem Prema Satnam”  – truth is my name; accessing our intutiion, and inner knowing.  Try it by chanting it 108 times; do this for 40 days; watch how this mantra brings forth your inner truth.

“Om Shanti”opens and balances your throat chakra; the mantra of peace; invokes peace and rendering in a state of peace that purifies mind, body and soul.  Try by chanting it 108 times; do this for 40 days; watch how this mantra slowly changes the energy of peace within you.

~ Namaste

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