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Spiritual Soul Coach Psychic Advisor

Awaken The Power Within You.

Lilith Callista Silverkrow of Love Nature and Beyond is a Spiritual Soul Coach and Psychic Advisor  who dives into the many different aspects of the Shadow Self, through the activation of the Subconscious mind.

With over 15 Years of experience in many modalities of Healing, and centered in the Energy and Balance of love and Connection, her work is focused around helping Women and Lightworkers heal their hearts and gain unshakeable confidence in their work and in themselves. 

Lilith Specializes in the following Modalities of Healing, Esotheric and New Age Knowledge:

Quantum Reiki Master

Kundalini Reiki Master

Chakra Work and Chakra Activations

Shamanic Healing (Past Life Regressions, Soul Retrievals)

Ordained High Priestess of Traditional Witchcraft


Psychic Work ( Spirit Guides, Angels, Ancestors, Starseeds)

Tarot/Oracle/ Lenormand

Akashic Records

Finding Soul Truth and Purpose in your Business

Light Language Healing

Light Grids

Lilith is the Host of Love Nature and Beyond Podcast, that has featured top powerhouse healers, with more to come! Lilith hopes to spread the word of love anywhere she touches and will continue to do so, in order to follow her life’s path and soul’s authentic truth.










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