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Helping People Overcome The Challanges In Their Life
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We work with our clients to help them achieve goals, overcome obstacles and make changes or shifts in their lives or businesses. We work with you, as a partner, knowing that every person has the answers to create the changes they seek. Our clients can be an individual, or a group, and the topic can range from life balance to restructuring a fortune 500 company.

Think of us, at Straton Consulting. like sculptors who can look at you, and see the potential for you to achieve all that you desire. Through specific strategies, and skills, we help you define yourself, and create the life you envision. We help you focus, provide direction, challenge you, support you, motivate you and celebrate with you. We help you create a plan, detail action steps and hold you accountable for following through. In working with you we utilize skills that include observing, listening deeply, asking empowering questions, challenging and motivating. We do not counsel, analyze or make judgements about the past. Our practice is conducted on the principle that our clients have the intrinsic ability to determine and achieve their goals. Everything is based on the present and what you want to achieve moving forward.

At Straton Consulting, we work with all types of clients, from professional entertainers, to people who are full of momentum, and business executive, all of whom want to take their lives and careers to the next level. If you are in one of these catagories and want to achieve your maximum potential, give us a call, the first consultation is free!

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