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Hypno Realms Therapies

Unravelling and realigning
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Hypnotherapy to aid weight loss, through control of diet, will power and energy and enthusiasm for sport.  Stress relief, smoking, pain relief, phobias and more,  also entering the realms of past life regression.

As well as attaining a diploma in hypnotherapy, I am also a Reiki master and teacher, and have studied various alternative forms of healing, as well as studying psychology and then being a business and finance graduate.  I am able to pull on all these valuable knowledge resources together to aid you.

Recent and further studies include neuro linguistic programmingcognitive behaviour therapynutrition to aid dieting also extended experience and knowledge in natural cancer treatments through nutrition. To aid the individual to new levels, dreams or actualisation I also completed a diploma in life coaching.  To fully heal and re-charge crystal and angelic healing is also available to experience a different level or to prepare and relax you for hypnotherapy.  Some times there can simply be a blockage within one or many of the chakras which can pull on the natural resources of the other chakras so the focus is to unblock and realign.

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