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Loving Life With Light

Universal Astrologer, Reiki Master & Spiritual Wellness Coach of Love, Light, and Source
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Greetings! Loving Life With Light offers Spirituality Coaching, Reiki Therapy & Energy Healing for the Body, Mind, Heart, Soul, and Spirit with Love, Light, and Source Energy. Providing 1:1 sessions in the Washington State.

I offer many distance/remote healing therapies, self-care resources, at affordable bundle pricing. Watch for NYP (Name Your Price) pricing options and regularly discounted service options.

I am the sole owner and practitioner of Loving Life With Light. This is my primary, Full-Time Services to the world, and for my family at this time.

Complete service details are available for each service on the Shop, where you can Order services including but not limited to:

  • Usui Reiki Therapy (base $88)
  • Karuna Ki Reiki Therapy 
  • Forensic Energy Healing
  • Spiritual Coaching ($33 hr)
  • Law of Attraction Life Coaching 
  • Astrology Reports, Interpretations, and Inquiries 
  • Divination & Akashic Services

My blog readers, clients, and followers will see content and articles about Universal Astrology, Wellness, Energy, and Spirituality. I am a highly scientific in my approach to life and spiritual concepts. I am currently attending online courses to further my education in Geology, Cosmology, Astronomy and Meteorology. I intend to enroll at the Kepler Astrology School in January 2021 to recieve a professional Astrology Diploma.

Visit my secure website, shop, and review terms at

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08:00 am to 06:00 pm
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44820 Fir Rd., Gold Bar, Washington, United States


Mob: 4253599409


47.83738, -121.630407

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by Tania Magdalene, The Academy of Ancient Magik
by Marisa Russo, Founder of the Forensic Healing System
by Lisa Powers, Director of the International Reiki Organization
Reiki of the Seven Rays with the Ascended Masters, as an upgrade to traditional Reiki with specific attunements and healing as a Practitioner of Divine Reiki, by Nikolaos Barlos
Atlantis Reiki Attunement of the Ascended Masters of the 7 Rays and Divine Higher Realms, which included Healing Protocols using the Lemurian Light and Atlantean Healing Protocols as an upgrade to traditional Reiki, by Nikolaos Barlos
by Tania Magdalene, The Academy of Ancient Magik
Instructed by Dr. Karen E Wells
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