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The Last awakening
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Greetings! Welcome to one of my few little corners in this large vast cyber world. I would like to tell you about my company, website, shop, and services!

My story is a long unique one.

I have always been sensitive to the spirit world, and I’ve always held an interest in psychology–both of the spiritual & medical kind; as I have also held an interest in law studies. Therefore my services–particularly my therapy—are an offer for anyone facing a crisis.

I am currently an Interfaith Minister–ordained by the Universal Life Church. I was not raised religiously but I began having vivid experiences of the spirit world at the young age of 7. However i did began seeking answers until I was in my early 20’s. Due to having negative and/or vague experiences from specific people of Christianity I began my journey researching alternative religions. Beginning with Paganism, Neo-Paganism, Buddhism, Nonduality, Satanism, Luciferianism, & Shamanism. I then topped my studies, practices, and services with Catholicism.

I have many certifications & I’m in the midst of earning even more! You will find them here the ones I have gained and the ones I will gain. As of now I am qualified to offer you services as an Interfaith minister. These services I am offering to anyone no matter your faith or path.

-Offering Spiritual Advice on how to recognize Gods presence, influence, and/or voice in your life.

-Spiritual Advice on the spiritual world as a whole that involves truths that are in all religion and your interaction with it.

-Home cleansings

-Excorcisms of many kinds

More services are on the way as I am working on gaining my Chaplain Ordination Title. I am also seeking my Christian Counselor Certification so I will beable to legally offer one the counsel & therapy of a Catholic Mystic Chaplain Minister if you seek that type of counsel and/or therapy! I am currently building a ministry that will be open for anyone no matteer what your faith is. However my faith will be the overseer of how I will direct things. But I am here to put the seperation between Christians, pagans, buddhist, and satanists behind us. I am here to show you what being an Interfaith Minister is truly about. What it means to truly coexist.

As someone who is legally certified & supported by the INternational Association of Therapists I can you these services that are of a Holistic nature. However I will also soon beable to offer you counseling that purely is of the realm of medical psychology. And when this happens I will beable to offer counseling towards the youth, families, marriages, and anyone facing a crisis situation such as rape, violence, suicidal thoughts.

  1. I am able to inform & guide you into attaining therapeutic effects by getting to know Angels.
  2. I have been trained to teach you anything of the holistic therapy realm that comes from the spirit world.
  3. I am able to show you how to recognize the dangers in the spirit world. How to discern and test the spirit guides.
  4. I can offer information for you to see for yourself how Crystal healing works & if it does work for you.

And more than anything I am here to offer anyone advice on how to spot spiritual warfare in your life & if the crisis you face are of your own doing or influence by dark forces. Once we can recognize the influence of such a force we can then build a better life & beable to enjoy the good in the spiritual world and our world at maximum clarity!

I will be opening a ministry at  some point also once i gain the means to do so. It will be called Awakened In Eden. The setting will be a come as you are setting but you will be arriving in “Eden”. Nothing will be off topic and everyone is truly family.

Stay Tuned for a link to my website. For now here is my Etsy shop!

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