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Alice Lapeta Holistic Healing

Heart-centered energy medicine practitioner and Angelic Healing trainer.
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I work through an intuitive heart-led approach to healing. I believe that all healing is first a healing of the heart and that fundamentally so much of the disease we see today and bad habits engrained within our current lifestyle have derived from an imbalance or suppression of negative emotions and stress. My practice focuses on emotional and soul healing through vibrational energy medicine with additional support from Ayurvedic nutrition and lifestyle guidance to restore harmony within.

My integrated approach to natural, energy-based healing empowers you and gives you the tools to reconnect and align with your mind, body and hearts for deep healing in all aspects of your life. I hold space for your to relearn unconditional love, channel intuitive wisdom and support you in connecting compassionately with your soul. Your personalised and bespoke coaching is designed to create a multitude of powerful transformations and shifts within, fill your heart and soul with love, awaken your consciousness, reignite your inner light and blissfully elevate your vibration!

In addition to my personal holistic practice I am also a certified and accredited teacher for the Angelic Healing Practitioner Diploma which includes working with the angelic energy, distance healing, chakra healing, crystals, essential oils and support setting up your own healing practice. I run training workshops once a month online and in person. For more details on these workshops or 1:1 coaching please do get in touch.

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